Monthly Archives: November 2006

Stanford 64, St. Mary’s 7

Stanford beat St. Mary’s 64-7 heading into Thanksgiving Break in yet another quick-paced, quick-scoring match. Strong all-around defense and unrelenting offense from the forward and the back led us to victory once again. The majority of the scoring came from the backs: Ono Nseyo (3), Carey Myslewski (3), Melissa Smit (1) and Jessica Watkins (2), as well as Susan Dekker scoring one for the forwards. Jossy Tseng and Melissa Smit kicked the conversions for Stanford.

Stanford 95, SF Fog 0

Stanford won 95-0 in this match versus the Bay Area women’s club team, San Francisco Fog. The game was quick-paced, and many tries happened within minutes of each other. Rookies also were involved in this A-side game, with Jessica Watkins scoring twice and Kelsey Moss scoring once. Mae Ryan (2 tries), Carey Myslwekski (3), Ono Nseyo (3), Lindsey Innes (2), and Melissa Smit (3) all scored as well. Smit also kicked for the Cardinal.