Monthly Archives: February 2007

Stanford 5, Chico State 25

In their second away game of the season, Stanford squared off against Chico State. Both teams faced poor weather conditions, with high winds, rain, and low temperatures influencing the play. Chico State used this to their advantage, and drove over the line several times for three tries in the first half. Olivia Anglade broke the Chico State line to put the five points on the board for Stanford, but Chico left the first half with a lead of 15-5. Through determined and physical play, Chico State added to their lead in the second half, scoring one more try and kicking for points in the final minutes of the game, to end with a final score of 25-5.

Throughout the day of sloppy weather conditions and hard play, Stanford players sustained several major injuries. Lock Kira Greco suffered a tib-fib fracture in the midst of confusion caused by a mistaken hand signal. An elbow to the face resulted in a broken jaw for Stanford flyhalf Jossy Tseng. Flanker Christina Mayberry also suffered a torn ACL in a tackle.

Despite the loss of these key players, Stanford looks forward to using the lessons learned in this game to make readjustments in the rest of the season and posteason play.

Stanford 66, Reno 0

After a four and a half hour bus ride, the Stanford Women’s Rugby team arrived at the University of Nevada in time for a one o’clock kick off. Despite fears of cold weather, Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for rugby with warm air and sunny skies. Stanford began the game strongly with a series of tries against Reno in the first half. Olivia Anglade and Melissa Smit set the pace with their aggressive play while Lace Cheung and Jossy Tseng demonstrated control and leadership in the mid-field playing at nine and ten respectively. The second half was slower for Stanford as they allowed Reno to work up the field into their attacking 22 meter line and stay there. Despite a few penalties and offense and defensive mistakes, Stanford held strong defensively and were able to keep Reno from scoring. The game ended with a final score of 66-0.

Stanford 44, Humboldt 3

44-3 (win) was the score of Saturday’s match against Humboldt. Stanford’s women showed up on Saturday morning to find the pitch wet and the weather gloomy. They knew that this would affect their play, and they prepared themselves to face the challenge. Controlling the ball in such conditions was difficult and resulted in more than the “five knock-on max” goal, but with solid clear-outs, massive line-outs, gargantuan scrums, and key breaks from the backs, Stanford was able to score many-a-try. Humboldt also put up a good fight in spite of the weather and points on the board by kicking for points on a penalty. MVPs of the game for Stanford were Diana ‘Crazyface’ Peng and Melissa Smit.