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2008 All-Americans!

Congrats to Stanford women Melissa Smit, Jossy Tseng, Susan Dekker, Diana Peng, Ono Nseyo, Jessica Watkins, and Kelsey Moss for being selected to the 1st Team All-Americans!

See the full lineup below:

Prop: Kristine Vargas (Chico State University)
Prop: Susan Dekker (Stanford University)
Hooker: Diana Peng (Stanford University)
Lock: Breanna Strand (Naval Academy)
Lock: Stacey Bridges (Texas A&M University)
Flanker: Kelsey Moss (Stanford University)
Flanker: Alison Worman (Penn State University)
Number 8: Kathleen Daley (Penn State University)
Scrum-half: Jocelyn Tseng (Stanford University)
Fly-Half: Melissa Smit (Stanford University)
Inside Center: Kathryn Black (West Chester University)
Outside Center: Emilie Bydwell (Brown University)
Wing: Ono Nseyo (Stanford University)
Wing: Jacey Cardwell (Texas A&M University)
Fullback: Jessica Watkins (Stanford University)

More on selections: