Monthly Archives: November 2008

Stanford 50, UC Santa Cruz 17

A dewy morning precluded a mostly dry afternoon, as the Stanford Women’s Rugby ruggers took on the Santa Cruz slug ruggers at Stueber stadium. Rebounding from the week before, “The Card” hit the line with pace, albeit sometimes lack of depth. The back line was fueled by the head swinging mistress Melissa Smit and the calm lover of life Ramine Cromartie. Hookers Janae Grijalva and Johanna Nagy enjoyed themselves as they hooked many an SC ball. Tries were scored primarily by the backs, though Frances Wehwern (flanker) touched a few down. And, oh wait, Victoria Whittaker (8 man) got one as well. In the mid-before-later part of the game, however, Santa Cruz capitalized on some Stanford missed tackles and ball ambiguity to put in a few of their own. With the diligent grilling of Ramine Cromartie and incessant fretting of Susan Dekker, the Stanford ladies shared a lovely social with Santa Cruz after the game. The women now look forward to their fitness testing and winter workouts. Though not every lady will find herself completing the running workouts out-of-doors (this winter looks to be a cold one for the nor’easters), modified cardio machine workouts will keep them on their toes.

Stanford 17, Davis Double Deckers 44

Sunday was the perfect, sunny day for rugby. The Stanford Women kicked off to a very physical Davis Double Deckers team. Throughout the game, Davis utilized their experience and aggression in the breakdown to secure clean ball and stymie Stanford efforts to break through their defensive line. The first Stanford try of the game came after flanker Ono Nseyo popped a turnover ball to flyhalf Melissa Smit. This ball was then passed through the back line to a determined flanker, Alyssa Tennant, for the score.

Throughout the rest of the first half, Stanford became more tenacious in the defensive line, led by stellar defensive performances by Ramine Cromartie and Victoria Whittaker. When Stanford was able to move the ball quickly and build multiple phases together, Davis was no match the speed and agility of the younger team. However, as the game wore on, Davis continued to batter Stanford with forward runners and pick-and-roll play around the breakdowns.

Stanford 128, St. Mary’s 0

It was a cloudy Saturday morning and Stanford Women were ready for their second full 15′s game of the season against the Saint Mary’s Gaels. In the first minute Ono Nseyo used her speed to score the first try of the game. Stanford’s young team had some trouble with kick off catches, but soon worked their way into the game, making excellent decisions off set piece and breakdowns. Within the first 20 minutes many cardinal players had scored tries, and Amelia Villines skillfully converted many kicks for the extra points. Stanford left the first half 56-0 and were ready to face forty more minutes from the Gaels.

Saint Mary’s came back with a fiery kick, but did not overcome the quick and strong Cardinal. Emily Wyatt and Diana Peng made some smart moves off of scrums won by the Stanford pack and fast-moving centers ran through the Gael defensive line. Saturday was a true learning experience for the many players on the Cardinal team and Stanford reminded everyone of their talent for breaking through defensive lines and offensively dominating the game. The final score was 128-0. Stanford’s next game will be against the Davis Double Deckers 11:00 am on Sunday November 16th.