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Cardinal Women Advance to Final Four

Steuber Rugby Stadium – Friday and Saturday April 19-20, 2014

This weekend the Stanford Women hosted the round of 16 and the quarter-finals for the USA Rugby Women’s DI Collegiate National Championships. On Friday, the cardinal women advanced past Texas A&M with a final score of 78-5. The following day, they faced off against historical rival BYU, well rested and ready for the challenge. After an intense game, Stanford advanced to the Semi-Final, beating BYU 26-17.

Against A&M, the Stanford women came out hard, excited for the round of 16 match. Stanford dominated defensively, and played an aggressive offense, but their penalties onge again nagged them. The Stanford Women ceded many penalties through the game, which let A&M gain yardage, and was ultimately the cause of their only try of the game. Though the penalty count was high, Stanford also managed to get their point total quite high by quickly turning over the ball and using it to their advantage.They ended the game 78-5, and immmediately begaan planning for the game ahead.

On Saturday the Stanford Women followed with an incredibly competitive game against BYU, who beat stanford in the quarter-final in 2011. The Cardinal women were both mentally and physicaly prepared for the challenge, and opened the game with a try within the first two minutes. BYU quickly turned up their intensity, however, and the game proceeded very tightly, even having a tie score for a few tense minutes. Though faced with a tough opponent and a close score, the Stanford Women kept their cool to take the lead in the second half, thanks in part to senior Maxine Fonua, who managed a hat trick, bringing in 15 of Stanford’s total 26 points. Final score: 26-17

Next Up: Stanford hosts the semi-final and final rounds of the USA Rugby Women’s DI College National Championship, May 9-10

Stanford Women Win Regional Conference Championship

Steuber Rugby Stadium, Saturday & Sunday April 5-6, 2014

Over the weekend at the Pacific Mountain Conference Championships, the Cardinal women played a solid 160 minutes without giving up a single point. In the semi-final against Washington, Stanford won 103-0, and the following day in the final, Stanford came out on top against familiar opponent Chico State, 55-0.

Against Washington, Stanford came out ready for the weekend, scoring within the first three minutes of the game, and maintaining a high pace throughout. Top try scorers included Sophomore Sara Maurer (4 tries), and freshmen Madda Wilson (3 tries) and Esther Melton (3 tries).

In the second game of the weekend, Stanford continued their high level of performance from the previous day against a familiar opponent, Chico State. This time, Stanford bought the physicality to Chico, making great tackles and sustaining a high defensive performance throughout, keeping Chico from scoring. Excellent performances were again had by Wilson (3 tries) and Melton (2 tries).

Next Up: Stanford moves on to the round of Sweet 16, Friday April 25th at Steuber Stadium

Stanford Team vs. Washington: 1: Chelsey Sveinsson (Jemima Oso) 2: Fiona Meyer-Teruel (Zineb Oulmakki) 3: Maxine Fonua (Darcey Pancoast) 4: Jessica Smith (Marika Sitz) 5: Allie Ballesteros (Marina Kalliga) 6: Michelle Battle(Nina Watkins) 7: Kaelyn Varner 8: Lai Turn (Captain) 9: Tia Watkins (Esther Melton) 10: Catherynn Vuong (Nikki Richardson) 11: Sarah Houamed 12: Madda Wilson 13: Dani McDonald 14: Sara Maurer 15: Sasha Herbst de Cortina

Scoring Summary:  3: Stanford Try (Fonua) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 7-0 Stanford
6: Stanford Try (Smith) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 14-0 Stanford
12: Stanford Try (Wilson) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 21-0 Stanford
20: Stanford Try (Maurer) 26-0 Stanford
25: Stanford Try (Wilson) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 33-0 Stanford
32: Stanford Try (Turn) 38-0 Stanford
35: Stanford Try (Wilson) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 45-0 Stanford
 39: Stanford Try (Maurer) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 52-0 Stanford  42: Stanford Try (Smith) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 59-0 Stanford
50: Stanford Try (Ballesteros) 64-0 Stanford
55: Stanford Try (Maurer) 69-0 Stanford
59: Stanford Try (Melton) & Conversion (Richardson) 76-0 Stanford
65: Stanford Try (Maurer) & Conversion (Richardson) 83-0 Stanford
68: Stanford Try (Melton) 88-0 Stanford
73: Stanford Try (Melton) 93-0 Stanford
76: Stanford Try (N. Watkins) 98-0 Stanford
79: Stanford Try (Houamed) 103-0 Stanford

Stanford Team vs. Chico State:  1: Jemima Oso (Chelsey Sveinsson) 2: Zineb Oulmakki (Michelle Battle) 3: Maxine Fonua (Darcey Pancoast) 4: Jessica Smith (Daly Montgomery) 5: Allie Ballesteros 6: Lai Turn 7: Catherynn Vuong 8: Aly Gleason (Captain) (Nina Watkins) 9: Esther Melton (Tia Watkins) 10: Nikki Richardson 11: Madda Wilson (Sarah Houamed) 12:Michelle Teo 13: Dani McDonald 14: Sasha Herbst de Cortina (Sara Maurer) 15: Chelsea Harris

Scoring Summary:

5: Stanford Try (Wilson) & Conversion (Gleason) 7-0 Stanford
10: Stanford Try (Wilson) 12-0 Stanford
30: Stanford Try (Wilson) & Conversion (Gleason) 19-0 Stanford
36: Stanford Try (Herbst de Cortina) & Conversion (Gleason) 26-0 Stanford
40: Stanford Try (Fonua) 31-0 Stanford 61: Stanford Try (Melton) 36-0 Stanford
70: Stanford Try (Melton) & Conversion (Gleason) 43-0 Stanford
73: Stanford Try (Maurer) 48-0 Stanford
78: Stanford Try (Batlle) & Conversion (Ballesteros) 55-0