Come to our first practice!

Stop by the field for our first practice, Tuesday October 2 at 4:30pm!


Rugby has been played at Stanford since 1906.  Our Women’s Team was founded in 1977, a team that included future astronaut Sally Ride.  The team now includes a blend of players new to the game and those with prior experience, and the team welcomes both.  Rugby is a game that utilizes the strengths of all body shapes and sizes, and is a game that is both challenging and rewarding, developing life long friendships, leadership skills, and strong personal character attributes. The game itself is fast paced and exciting where all players are given the opportunity to pass, catch, kick, run and more. Players  come from all types of athletic backgrounds, and we will help you learn the skills you need to have fun playing, no prior experience necessary.


Joining Stanford Women’s Rugby also means you’ll be a part of one of the most successful women’s collegiate teams in the country. Stanford has won the National Championship four times, and produced numerous Collegiate All-Americans and National Team players.

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