Solid victories earn Stanford a spot in the Final Four

This weekend tested Stanford’s discipline and physicality as both opponents played hard right to the end of each game. In the first game, Stanford gave up several penalties that led to several gains in territory for New Mexico, putting Stanford on the back foot and making it more difficult to build momentum. Maxine Fonua ’14, normally at loose head prop, started as tight head and scored the first try for Stanford 23 minutes into the game. Stanford was only able to put up one more try in the first half, leaving the first 40 minutes with a lead of 14 – 5.

The second half saw a much more improved and focused performance. With Shola Oyedele ’13 back in as tight head, Stanford began dominating in scrums – winning quick and clean ball for the Cardinal and forcing a messy if not lost ball for New Mexico. Stanford was able to keep the ball in New Mexico’s half of the field through their well-executed kick chase. The final score proved a solid win by Stanford, 48 – 10.

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This will be the eigth out of nine years Stanford Women’s Rugby has competed in the Final Four. Team President, captain and fourth-year player, Jamie Lawrence ’13, reflects on this year’s Stanford team in comparison to her past experiences.

“Each of the past four years the team has had a different ‘vibe’. I think what makes us special this year, is that we are on average a very young team with multiple threats. Instead of having one or two players who drive the intensity of the game, players from every position have been continually growing and making big impacts. I am so excited to play in the Final Four, especially with this team. We have worked incredibly hard to reach the lofty goals we set and we continue to keep getting better each day. Final Four should be a fun game.” – Lawrence
As for the other regions, Norwich defeated Army 29 – 23 to claim the Northeast title, Penn State defeated BYU 22 – 10 for the Midwest title, and Navy claimed the Southeast title defeating Virginia 32 – 5. The four will meet in the National Collegiate DI Round of Final Four hosted by Stanford on Friday, May 3. Stanford will play Norwich while Penn State plays Navy for spots in the Championship game, the following day (Saturday, May 4).

Stanford vs. New Mexico
Final Score: 48 – 10 (win)
Tries scored by:
-Maxine Fonua
-Michelle Teo ’14
-Jamie Lawrence ’13
-Caitlin Breen ’13
-Sasha Herbst de Cortina ’15 (3)
-Sara Maurer ’16
Conversions made by:
-Aly Gleason ’13 (4)

Stanford vs. Texas A&M
Final Score: 67 – 22 (win)
Tries scored by:
-Aly Gleason (2)
-Sasha Herbst de Cortina (3)
-Shola Oyedele (2)
-Hillary Streeter ’14
-Maxine Fonua
-Sara Maurer
-Smriti Sridhar ’15
Conversions made by:
-Aly Gleason (5)
-Jamie Lawrence