Melissa Valentine

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Email: mav stanford edu
Phone: (650) 725-5676
Office: Huang Engineering Center 210


Administrative Assistant: Jim Fabry

(650) 725-1622


Research Interests

  • teams, teaming, coordination
  • organizational learning and design
  • future of work

Selected Publications

Retelny, D., Valentine, M.A., Bernstein, M. S.,  No Workflow Can Ever Be Enough: How Crowdsourcing Workflows Constrain Complex Work.  CSCW 2018: ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Valentine, M.A., 2017.  Renegotiating Spheres of Obligation:  The Role of Hierarchy in Organizational LearningAdministrative Science Quarterly.

Valentine, M.A., Retelny D., To A., Rahmati, N., Doshi, T., Bernstein, M.S.,  2017.  Flash organizations:  Crowdsourcing Complex Work via Reconfigurable Organizational Structures.  CHI 2017: SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Valentine, M.A., Edmondson, A.C.  2015. Team Scaffolds:  How Meso-level Structures Enable Role-based Coordination in Temporary GroupsOrganization Science, 26(2): 405-422.

Valentine, M.A., Nembhard, I.M., Edmondson, A.C.  2015. Measuring Teamwork in Health Care Settings: A Review of Survey Instruments. Medical Care, 53(4):e16–e30

Retelny, D., Robaszkiewicz, R., To, A., Lasecki, W. S., Patel, J., Rahmati, N., Doshi, T., Valentine, M., & Bernstein, M. S.  2014. Expert Crowdsourcing with Flash Teams. Proceedings of the 27th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology: 75-85.

Honors & Awards

  • Graduate Teaching Award, Management Science, Stanford University (2015)
  • Hellman Faculty Scholar, Stanford University (2014)
  • Winner, Dissertation Proposal Competition, INFORMS/Organization Science (2012)
  • Outstanding Paper with Practical Implications, Academy of Management (2012)
  • Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research, Harvard Business School (2013)
  • Susan Cohen Award for Doctoral Research, Center for Effective Organizations (2010)

Working Papers (Drafts Available)

Valentine, M.A., 2017.  When Equity Seems Unfair:  The Role of Justice Enforceability in Temporary Team Coordination.  Conditional Accept at Academy of Management Journal.  

Valentine, M.A., Bernstein, M.S., Retelny, D.R.  Flash Organizations:  How Role Foraging Enables Coordinated Adaptation.  Working Paper.

Valentine, M.A., Staats, B.R., Edmondson, A.C.  2016.  The Rich Get Richer:  Enabling Conditions of Knowledge Use in Organizational Work Teams.  Working Paper.

Research Projects

Current Projects
  • Transforming Cancer Care
  • Crowdsourcing Complex Work
  • Online Labor Markets: Fad, Fringe, or Future of Work? (with Hatim Rahman)
  • South Bay Cancer Center:  A Study of Organizational Design from Start to Finish


  • MS&E 184.  Future of Work:  Issues in Organizational Learning and Design
  • MS&E 284. Designing Modern Work Organizations
  • MS&E 388. Contemporary Themes in Research on Work and Organizing
  • MS&E 383.  Ethnographic Research Methods