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Image II: Turf Lodge

This mural from Turf Lodge, a Catholic neighborhood south and west of the Falls, likewise concerns itself with continuity, recalling past revolutionary heroes as part of a veritable cult of martyrs or ancestors. Pádraig Pearse, the leader of the Easter Rising of 1916, appears in the lower left, his co-signatory on the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, James Connolly, opposite on the right. Both men died for the part in the Rising, winning the admiration of Irish nationalists of all persuasions for their self-sacrifice; Republicans defer to the Proclamation as their Declaration of Independence and accord it an analogous measure of respect. Two of the flags of Republicanism serve as backdrops for the portraits of Pearse and Connolly, the tricolor and "starry plough," respectively. In the center of the mural, a flaming sword or wand reaches across the "green field" of Ireland, perhaps symbolizing that the revolutionary spirit of Pearse and Connolly still burns today. The banner along the top reads, "Éire saor ó lár go farraige," or "Ireland free from center to sea."