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Image VI: Springhill Road, Springhill Estates

Covering an entire wall of a two-story apartment building in Springhill Estates, this mural invokes Irish mythology as allegory for the modern conflict in Northern Ireland, at least from the Republican point of view. In the very center, the mythic king Nuadha rises out of a particularly Celtic landscape, complete with green hills and marshes, cromlechs and megaliths. The circular banner surrounding him reads, "Is é seo Nuadha, Rí Tuatha Dé Danann," or "It is he, Nuadha, King of the Tuatha Dé Danann." In early Irish mythology, Nuadha leads the Tuatha Dé, the original and legitimate inhabitants of Ireland, in a successful revolt against the Fomor, a race of horrible giants from "over the sea." By analogy, the modern IRA and Sinn Fein have prosecuted a revolution against the British, "imperialists" from just across the Irish Sea. The artist, a former Republican prisoner by the name of Gerry Kelly, modeled the mural after the illustrations of Jim Fitzpatrick, such as the example below, who wrote a modern reinterpretation of Nuadha's story entitled The Book of Conquests. Fitzpatrick emphasizes the Tuatha Dé's "nativeness" more than other modern Irish mythologists, including Lady Gregory.
Jim Fitzpatrick's The Book of Conquests