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The Special Collections library at Stanford University possesses among its many valuable collections the James Healy Collection of Irish Literature which boasts a complete set of books printed by the Cuala Press. These books I have been able to study as original examples of Elizabeth Yeats’s work, and all the images I have included along with the text have been from individual volumes from this collection. In my selection of images, I have endeavored to choose some that are relevant for particular reasons and others that I found not only germane to my paper, but also representative of a general Cuala style. I am greatly indebted to John Mustain, rare book librarian and classics bibliographer for the Stanford Department of Special Collections for his help in obtaining copies of these images for me to include in this exhibit. Although the images are only a few of the many possible and my paper only a short look at this Yeats sister and her work, my hope is that anyone ! who may come across this exhibit might leave with a greater understanding of and appreciation for Elizabeth Yeats and her role in the Irish literary world.