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AFS Connection Statistics

This report lists the number of connections on each of our AFS servers. Blocked connections are clients who are stalled waiting for an AFS server thread. Active connections are connections that were actively serving data or reading from an AFS client at the time of the report. The total connection number (not all that meaningful) is the count of clients that the AFS server is aware of (generally a count of clients that have connected to the server since its last reboot).

There should be no blocked connections. If the blocked connection number ever rises above one, the server is busier than it should be, and this may explain slow performance. (AFS administrators will be automatically paged if the blocked connection count rises too high.)

The active connection count is the best indicator of server busyness relative to other servers if there are no actual problems. We use this metric occasionally to see if the usage of servers is out of balance. Some servers will just always be busier due to the nature of the clients they server.

These statistics are updated once an hour.

Active connections:   1,480
 Total connections: 174,923
    Unique clients:   2,476

Server               Blocked  Active   Total
-------------------- ------- ------- -------
afssvr01                   0      96   8,689
afssvr02                   0      75  15,653
afssvr03                   0     305  12,067
afssvr04                   0       0      13
afssvr10                   0     137  40,413
afssvr11                   0     199  14,154
afssvr12                   0     225  22,163
afssvr13                   0      64   9,232
afssvr14                   0      66  19,731
afssvr15                   0       2      84
afssvr16                   0     101  10,487
afssvr17                   0     207  22,138
afssvr-dev                 0       0       8
afssvr-sec01               0       3      79
afssvr-sec02               0       0      12

Report generated: 2016-05-03 11:32:53 -0700
Last modified Tuesday, 05-Dec-2006 09:11:37 PM

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