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Installing AFS on AIX 4.3

AFS Kernel Modifications

The modifications which allow the AFS Cache Manager to function need to be incorporated into the kernel. These instructions are for using the AIX kernel extension facility, which is the dynamic kernel loader provided by IBM. To incorporate them:

Check contents of /usr/vice/etc/dkload

This directory should contain binaries for the AFS module software. You should get something that looks a lot like:

# ls /usr/vice/etc/dkload
afs.ext                 cfgafs
afs.ext.iauth           cfgexport       export.ext.nonfs
Modify /etc/vfs

Add the following line to /etc/vfs (this line allows AIX to unmount AFS correctly on shutdown).

afs        4             none        none
Incorporate the Kernel Extensions
/usr/vice/etc/dkload/cfgexport -a /usr/vice/etc/dkload/export.ext.nonfs
/usr/vice/etc/dkload/cfgafs -a /usr/vice/etc/dkload/afs.ext
Copy the AFS init script into /etc
cp /usr/vice/etc/afs.rc /etc/rc.afs
chmod 555 /etc/rc.afs
Modify /etc/inittab

To load AFS into the kernel each time your machine boots, add the following line after the line that begins "rcnfs". If that line is not present in your /etc/inittab file, add it after the line that starts with "rctcpip".

rcafs:2:wait:/etc/rc.afs > /dev/console 2>&1 # Start AFS
Return to the AFS Install Guide to set up your AFS cache and finish the installation.
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