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Assignments and Assessments

Online Assignments - drop box
Instructors can create problem sets, writing assignments, and quizzes using this tool. Students can submit their completed assignments directly over the Web. Multiple choice quizzes and surveys are automatically graded and other types of assignments are sorted and displayed to make grading easier. CourseWork manages the timing for distributing assignments and collecting student work. Feedback to students is also managed by the Assignments tool.
IT Services Course Support / Stanford AFS Service (do-it-yourself)
IT Services Course Support includes 500MB of AFS space for you to collect, store, and share assignments, problem sets, notes, essays, etc.
Online Examinations/tests/quizzes
Students can follow links in this course bibliography to all the online materials in a course. Students can sort the listings by title, file formats, and content area. The listing of materials can be organized by content categories. Instructors can both upload files that are saved in CourseWork or list links to URLs anywhere on the Web.
IT Services Course Support / Stanford CGI Service (do-it-yourself)
Once you’ve set up the class web directory included with IT Services Course Support registration, you can make a separate request to use Stanford’s CGI Service and create your own — or install off-the-shelf — forms, exams, and quizzes.
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