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Online Discussion

CourseForum is an open source discussion tool available through CourseWork, Stanford’s course management system. Anyone with access to CourseForum can post topics. CourseForum is ideal for collaborative projects because it supports private forums and forums for specified user groups. Its search feature allows instructors to find student-specific postings that can then be printed for grading. CourseForum synchronizes with CourseWork’s course enrollment information, thereby eliminating the need to add users to the forum manually.
IT Services Course Support / Usenet Newsgroups at Stanford
When you register a course for IT Services Course Support, you can request a Stanford-only Usenet newsgroup (or multiple newsgroups, if you prefer) named for your class (i.e., su.class.yourclass). The newsgroup is well-suited for online discussion and student participation, particulary because newsgroup posts are available — and relatively easy to access — for the entire quarter.
Blog Software: Movable Type (do-it-yourself)
A blog, or web log, is a frequently-updated web site arranged chronologically. Stanford provides licensed copies of Movable Type, a blog management application, to Stanford departments and community members. IT Services accommodates Movable Types installation in assigned AFS spaces where CGI Service is enabled. Movable Type offers extensible architecture, management tools, and the ability to create multiple static or dynamic sites, whether for blogging or general web site creation and maintenance.
wikis (do-it-yourself)
There is no formally-supported wiki service at Stanford, but you can install a wiki engine and build a wiki on a local server or via the University’s central Web service.
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