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Learning Spaces and Technology

Assisted Learning Technology Spaces
The Assistive Learning Technology Center, located on the second floor of Meyer Library, is the technology arm of the Student Disability Resource Center. It offers a wide range of resources to make information technology and education more accessible for those with disabilities.
Classrooms with Technology Enhancements
Many classrooms across the Stanford campus are equipped for multimedia presentations and technology instruction.
GroupSpace locations are publicly accessible, collaborative workspace environments for the Stanford community located in Meyer Library’s first floor lobby, Toyon Hall’s Moose Room, and the Freshmen and Sophomore College in the Sterling Quad. GroupSpaces are equipped with TeamSpot, which allows increased productivity and collaboration through plug-and-play document and information sharing. The sharing occurs across the users' laptops when connected to the GroupSpace environment, along with the ability to open documents on one of two 40" LCD screens. Document editing using the LCD panels is collectively controlled.
MultiMedia Studio at Meyer Library
The MultiMedia Studio is located on the second floor of Meyer Library, providing equipment and software for digital video editing, DVD burning, dubbing, audio recording, scanning, and printing.
Residential Computing Clusters
Computer clusters are available in all of Stanford’s living groups. These clusters provide over 350 computers in 77 residential locations, and serve all of Stanford's approximately 10,000 housed students. The clusters consist of Power Macintosh computers, PCs running Windows, laser printers, color scanner, CD-ROM drives, and limited multimedia capability. All residential clusters are connected to the Internet via the Stanford University Network (SUNet).
Stanford Digital Language Lab
The mission of the Stanford University Language Lab is to provide resources, facilities, and support for language instruction and learning to the entire Stanford community. Resources range from materials in over 90 languages, to specialized learning and teaching equipment and facilities, to materials development, support, and consulting services for faculty and TAs.
Unix Computing Resources: Terman and Gates Computer Labs
The UNIX Computing Resources service provides UNIX and Linux facilities for general and research computing to anyone with a full-service SUNet ID. In addition to a Remote Computing facility, the service includes two public computer labs administered by the School of Engineering; one of these is located in the Terman Engineering Center, and the other in Gates Computer Science.
Wallenberg Hall
Wallenberg Hall (Building 160 at the front of the Main Quad), is home to the Stanford Center for Innovation in Learning (SCIL). By providing the resources to explore how technology and educational environments affect learning, Wallenberg Hall serves as the conduit for new knowledge that travels from laboratory to classroom and back again. Wallenberg Hall classrooms and the Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater are available for the use of the entire Stanford community and may be reserved for teaching and non-academic events.

Also of Interest

Departmental Resources
Your school or department may have technology-equipped learning spaces not listed here. Please contact your administrative support staff.
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