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Course Materials

Students can follow links in CourseWork’s course bibliography to all the online materials in a course. Students can sort the listings by title, file formats, and content area. The listing of materials can be organized by content categories. Instructors can upload files that are saved in CourseWork or list links to URLs anywhere on the Web.
IT Services Course Support / Stanford AFS Service (do-it-yourself)
IT Services Course Support includes 500MB of AFS space for you to collect, store, and share assignments, problem sets, notes, essays, etc.
Library Course Reserves
Green Library handles both Print and Media course reserves for most courses in the humanities and social sciences.
Stanford Bookstore: Textbook “eDoptions,” Course-pack Materials, and other Faculty Services
The Stanford Bookstore offers numerous products and services for faculty, including online submission of textbook adoptions. Other services include reviewing peer critiques of potential textbook selections and adding course-pack materials.
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