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Instructors can type or cut and paste their syllabus into a Web-based form to make it available to students. If the instructor chooses, s/he can load a Word file (actually any type of file) into the Syllabus Tool. The syllabus can be updated at any time. Students can view the syllabus in CourseWork or download and print any files listed.
IT Services Course Support / Stanford AFS Service (do-it-yourself)
IT Services Course Support includes 500MB of AFS space for you to collect, store, and share assignments, problem sets, notes, essays, etc.
Stanford Syllabus
Stanford Syllabus is a central, online repository for Stanford class syllabi. It is a project from Stanford's Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policy and developed by Academic Computing. The goal is for students and their advisors to browse through syllabi to help select the courses that are right for them.
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