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Local Network Administrator Guide

(in progress) Complete reworking of LNA Guide text to clean up outdated material. A significant amount of material has been added to the Technical section.


This is the LNA Guide, a set of web pages developed by Networking Systems (NS) to support the activities of Local Network Administrators (LNAs). It is intended to define policies and procedures for LNAs as well as to provide a set of technical documents that LNAs may find useful for supporting their networks. This guide is intended to be a dynamic document that will grow and change in response to the needs of the LNA community.

An LNA acts as the contact person for local network configuration and troubleshooting for end users. NS provides support to LNAs rather than to end users directly. The preferred method for contacting NS is through HelpSU tickets. Email and phone support is available, but HelpSU is guaranteed to reach the whole group, is trackable, and can easily be transferred to other groups in case additional resources are required. NS can also provide on-site support if the LNA requires it, through there is usually a cost for this service.

Networking Systems values LNAs very highly. LNAs are, for the most part, located in the departments that they serve. Because of this day to day contact with their users, they are often intimately familiar with the daily computing activities and requirements of their departments. As such, they can provide valuable feedback to NS as the configuration and policies of the Stanford network evolves.

NS requires that every department or group have an LNA to maintain their local network. To find out who is the LNA for your department go to the Local Network Administrators by Department web page. A single LNA may have responsibilities that span multiple buildings, departments or groups if appropriate. Departments or groups may choose to hire contract support from Computer Resource Consulting (CRC) to act as their LNA.

NS offers two managed network services, Net-to-Jack and Net-to-Switch. Both services provide departments with leased equipment that is monitored, maintained and refreshed by NS staff. Members of the Net-to-Jack and Net-to-Switch programs must still have an LNA to configure networking on department desktop computers, servers, maintain NetDB records, etc.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome. To provide feedback, please send a HelpSU ticket.

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