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Join us for our first Spring Training week!

1-on-1 Training

Stanford Drupal Camp -- March 10-11, 2017

Classes on Request

Cardinal at Work - Professional Development

During the week of March 27, we're offering four low-cost lectures to help you grow your skills and stretch your STAP funds.

The Best Excel Techniques You've Never Heard Of (Lecture) ITS-1255 T Mar 28 9-12 $150
Excel: Pivot Table Basics (Lecture) ITS-1251 T Mar 28 1-4 $150
Photoshop: Complexity Made Simple (Lecture) ITS-1464 Th Mar 30 9-12 $150
InDesign: Creating Efficient Layouts (Lecture) ITS-1454 Th Mar 30 1-4 $150
Training at Porter Drive
Project Management: Practices and Tools (Lecture) ITS-2029 F Mar 10 9-12 $150
The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method: From Scattered to Accomplished and Happy ITS-0227 F Mar 10 1-3:30 $85
Smartsheet Essentials: Collaborate and Manage Spreadsheets and Projects
ITS-2041 M Mar 20 9-12 $240
Excel Basics: Series, Cell References, Charts, and Printing
ITS-1202 Th Mar 23 9-12 $240
Word Basics: Create, Edit, and Format Documents
ITS-0961 Th Mar 23 1-4 $240
Training on Main Campus
Presentations, Publications, and Photo Editing
NEW - Get Started with iMovie Fast ITS-1427 F Mar 17 9-12 $240
PowerPoint: Level 1


M Feb 27 9-4 $375
Illustrator Essentials ITS-1471 T Feb 28 9-4 $375
Creating Print Media with Illustrator / InDesign / Photoshop ITS-1470 F Mar 24 9-4 $375
Computing Fundamentals
Lunch & Learn Webinar: Overcoming the E-mail Overload


Th Mar 2 12:15-12:45 FREE
Microsoft Office
Excel Basics: Workbooks, Worksheets, and Formulas


W Mar 8 9-12 $240
Excel PivotTables, Level 1a: Source Data, Options, Filters, & Slicers ITS-1210 M Mar 6 9-12 $240
Excel PivotTables, Level 1b: Sorting, Formatting, Grouping, & Data Subsets ITS-1211 M Mar 6 1-4 $240
Data Mining with Excel: Diving into Advanced Filter and Database Functions ITS-1261 M Mar 13 9-12 $240
IT Professional / Web Design
Data Analysis and Visualizations on Tableau Server ITS-8405 Th Mar 16 9-12 $240
Python Workshop: Introduction and Beyond
(Two-day class)
ITS-2551 T Mar 7
W Mar 8
each day
Analyzing Data with Python ITS-2553 T Mar 14 9-4 $375
Google Analytics ITS-0276 W Mar 8 9-12 $240
Advanced SQL Scripting ITS-2527 W Mar 29 9-4 $375
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