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Introduction to OneNote
(Hands-on with provided laptop)

Thinking about getting organized? If you use MS Office, you may have seen the OneNote program and wondered what it does. In this class, learn to use this powerful tool to organize your digital information, including documents, meeting notes, and more!

T Feb 14 9 AM - 12 PM $240

Project Management: Practices and Tools (Lecture)

Learn how to enhance your project management skills and better manage projects of all kinds. This session focuses on bringing innovative insights and practical techniques to revolutionize managing projects of all sizes.

F Mar 10 9 AM - 12 PM $150

The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method: From Scattered to Accomplished and Happy

This workshop tackles workplace challenges by introducing mindfulness, and translating it to techniques you can incorporate into your work life using a journal, a timer, and a method, to help you manage through the most demanding work environments.

F Mar 10 1 - 3:30 PM $85

Smartsheet Essentials: Collaborate and Manage Spreadsheets and Projects
(Hands-on with provided laptop)

Share your projects! Imagine having all notes, discussions, files, and information in one centralized location accessible across any browser. Learn to use Smartsheet, a project management tool, to streamline communication, empower teams, and drive efficiencies.

M Mar 20 9 AM - 12 PM $240

Excel Basics: Series, Cell References, Charts, and Printing (PC)
(Hands-on with provided laptop)

This class covers several key Excel skills and concepts no Excel user should be without. If you're an Excel beginner, this is a good place to start. If you're already beyond the beginner level, these topics should be a good review of the basics.

Th Mar 23 9 AM - 12 PM $240

Mastering Excel PivotTables, Level 1a: Source Data, Options, Filters, and Slicers (PC)
(Hands-on with provided laptop)

Learn the fundamentals of, and drill deeply and broadly into PivotTable tools and techniques. This course covers everything from creating PivotTables to sorting and formatting, grouping data items, setting options and creating and analyzing data subsets.

W May 17 9 AM - 12 PM $240

Mastering Excel PivotTables, Level 1b: Sorting, Formatting, Grouping, & Data Subsets (PC)
(Hands-on with provided laptop)

Take the next steps into Excel PivotTables. Learn everything from creating PivotTables to sorting and formatting, grouping data items, setting PivotTable options and creating and analyzing PivotTable data subsets.

W May 17 1 - 4 PM $240

The Best Excel Techniques You've Never Heard Of (Lecture)

Learn little-known but very useful Excel techniques in this 3-hour lecture! Learners who incorporate these techniques into their daily workflows should need less time to complete Excel tasks and at the same improve the quality of their work products.

T Jun 20 9 AM - 12 PM $150

More sessions to be added soon!

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