Akshay Balsubramani


Stanford University
300 Pasteur Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Research Overview

Welcome! I am a postdoctoral researcher in functional genomics and machine learning in the lab of Anshul Kundaje at Stanford University, working on predicting human transcription regulation.

I recently completed my PhD at UC San Diego in machine learning, where I was advised by Yoav Freund. During my PhD, I developed semi-supervised algorithms to combine ensembles of predictors, and also worked on sequential processes and learning algorithms.

Research Manuscripts

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Before the PhD, I was an Associate at Strand Life Sciences, where I did statistical genomics, developing tools for genomics researchers (CV). Previously, I received a B.S. (High Honors) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley in December 2008. On the way to that degree, I minored in (quantum) physics at Berkeley as well. Before that, I lived in various parts of India, the US, and Singapore.


I used to play the violin (and occasionally still do); before college, I got a distinction in it (unfortunately recordings are lost!). I also played the Carnatic classical style, which is less polyphonic but melodically richer. I have always enjoyed traveling and do so whenever the opportunity arises. I like running, occasionally structured. In my free time, I sometimes write on history and philosophy tidbits I find interesting.

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