Updated April 2019

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Submitted manuscripts

  • E. Fuhrmeister, A. Ercumen, A. Pickering, K. Jeanis, M. Ahmed, S. Brown, B. Arnold, A. Hubbard, M. Alam, D. Sen, S. Islam, M. H. Kabir, L. Kwong, M. Islam, L. Unicomb, M. Rahman, A. B. Boehm, S. Luby, J. Colford, K. Nelson. Predictions of enteric pathogens in the domestic environment from human and animal sources in rural Bangladesh. Submitted.
  • A. B. Boehm, A. Silverman, A. Schriewer, K. Goodwin. Systematic review and meta-analysis of decay rates of waterborne mammalian viruses and coliphage in surface waters.
  • C. Weiskerger, J. Brandao, W. Ahmed, A. Aslan, L. Avolio, B. Bradgley, A. Boehm, T. Edge, J. Fleisher, C. Heaney, Luisa Jordao, J. kinzelman, J. Klaus, G. Kleinheinz, P. Merilainen, J. P. Nshimyimana, M. Phanikumar, A. Piggot, T. Pitkanen, C. Robinson, M. Sadowsky, C. Staley, Z. Staley, E. Symonds, L. Vogel, K. Yamahara, R. Whitman, H. Solo-Gabriele, V. Harwood. Impacts of a changing Earth on microbial dynamics and human health risks in the continuum between beach water and sand. Submitted.
  • Collin J. Closek, Jarrod A. Santora, Hilary A. Starks, Isaac D. Schroeder, Elizabeth A. Andruszkiewicz, Keith M. Sakuma, Steven J. Bograd, Elliott L. Hazen, John C. Field, Alexandria B. Boehm. Marine vertebrate biodiversity and distribution within the central California Current using environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding and ecosystem surveys. Submitted.
  • A. Djurhuus, C. J. Closek, R. P. Kelly, K. J. Pitz, R. P. Michisaki, H. A. Starks, K. R. Walz, E. A. Andruszkiewicz, E. Olesin, K. Hubbard, E. Montes, D. Otis, F. E. Muller-Karger,F. P. Chavez, A. B. Boehm, M. Breitbart. Microbes to Mammals: Detecting Community Shifts Through Environmental DNA. Submitted.
In press
  • A. Harris, A. J. Pickering, A. B. Boehm, M. Mrisho, J. Davis. 2019. Comparison of analytical techniques to explain variability in stored drinking water quality and microbial hand contamination of female caregivers in Tanzania. In press at Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts.
  • J. McClary, N. Ramos, A. B. Boehm. 2019. Photoinactivation of uncultured, indigenous enterococci. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts 21, 104 - 112. Link.
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  • A. Pitol, H. Bischel, A. B. Boehm, T. Kohn, T. R. Julian. 2018. Transfer of enteric viruses (adenovirus and coxsackievirus) and bacteriophage (MS2) from liquid to human skin. Applied and Environmental Microbiology., 84, e01809-18. Link.
  • A. B. Boehm, K. E. Graham, W. C. Jennings. 2018. Can we swim yet? Systematic review, meta-analysis, and risk assessment of aging sewage in surface waters. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(17), 9634-9645. Link.
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  • K. E. Graham, A. J. Prussin, L. C. Marr, L. M. Sassoubre, A. B. Boehm. 2018. Microbial Community Structure of Sea Spray Aerosols at Three California Beaches. FEMS Microbial Ecology, 94(3), fiy005. Link.
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