A Practical Framework for Positive Social Change

In 1987, Anne Firth Murray had the idea that funding should go to grassroots women's organizations around the globe and that the recipients themselves should decide how to use that money. From that idea, The Global Fund for Women was born. The organization became a major force for good in the world, embodying a new paradigm of philanthropy. In these pages, Murray shares her wisdom, offering guidelines that demonstrate how anyone can turn a clear vision of a better world into a reality.

"I am grateful that Anne Firth Murray and thousands of women around the world dreamed, struggled, and succeeded in planting the seeds and reaping the harvest of the new paradigm she describes here so compellingly. Her experience and clarity provide an essential text for us all. Either we learn to lead organizations based on human generosity, kindness, and wisdom, or we will descend further into the chaos created when we disown these qualities."
— Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science and Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time

“There are many of us around the world who have been personally influenced by the principles and the model that Anne describes....Readers of this book [will] find inspiration in its practical suggestions and clear guidelines for thinking about their own philanthropic work in new ways ”
— from the foreword by Esther B. Hewlett

Paradigm Found is a must-read for anyone interested in social change and the remarkable history of The Global Fund for Women. Murray's own highly personal and fascinating story is inspirational, instructive, and insightful — the story of an extraordinary woman and an extraordinary life.”
— Thomas C. Layton, president, Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation

“Few people feel deeply enough to act on the gender and equity gaps they encounter. When they do, the power of their conviction and unrestrained commitment creates magic. I salute this book as I do Anne Firth Murray's work. Paradigm Found is an invaluable reference for any and all who dare to walk their paths to fruition.”
— Rita Thapa, founder of Tewa and founding president of Nagarik Aawaz

Anne Firth Murray, the founding president of The Global Fund for Women, serves on the boards and advisory groups of several social change organizations and is a consulting professor at Stanford University. Her website is www.paradigmfound.org.

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