Endorsements for Paradigm Found


“Anne Firth Murray is an entrepreneur in the nonprofit world.”
— United Airlines Hemispheres magazine

“This powerful and refreshing book explores what it means to devote a lifetime to the service of others, with a focus on the leadership, vision, passion, and humility it takes to use resources as tools for the empowerment of women. Paradigm Found makes us realize that after all, what makes for visionary philanthropy is not the size of an endowment but the size of one’s heart.”
— Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, cofounder and executive director, African Women’s Development Fund

“Anne Firth Murray’s honest and valuable advice has inspired and encouraged us since the very first month of FACE AIDS, and we are happy to find that same wisdom right here for everyone to read. Her insight is invaluable — it could help anyone build a successful organization. Her story of transforming her idea into the largest foundation in the world focused exclusively on women’s rights will give you faith in your ability to make an impact on the world.”
— Lauren Young, Katie Bollbach, and Jonny Dorsey, founders of FACE AIDS

“Reading Anne’s story, I learned new things about the nuts and bolts of building an organization from scratch, about enrolling others in a grand adventure, and about savoring as well as saving the world.With great gratitude to Anne and to Paradigm Found, I look forward with new eyes and fresh energy to the adventures of my own life.”
— Barbara Waugh, PhD, director, university relations, Hewlett-Packard Company

“In Paradigm Found, Anne Firth Murray describes how strong vision, fierce resolve, and leadership humility combine gracefully to create a unique laboratory for historic social change. We at Global Greengrants Fund are indebted to Anne and her colleagues for enabling us to better understand some of what distinguishes successful social movements and how financial resources help and sometimes hurt.”
— Chet Tchozewski, founder and executive director, Global Greengrants Fund

“Do you read the newspapers with mounting despair that makes you want to go back to bed? This is a book to give you back your get-up-and-go. Anne Firth Murray offers hope and practical suggestions for those of us who believe that the world deserves a better future and that, in Gandhi’s words, ‘we must be the change we wish to see.’ In telling the tale of one very special organization,Anne provides lively advice and wise insights on the challenges, joys, and rewards of being a social entrepreneur in modern times.”
— Kavita Nandini Ramdas, president and CEO, The Global Fund forWomen

“Anne Firth Murray has given us a wonderfully readable look into her own personal journey to establish what has become the lighthouse funding organization for women’s rights and justice around the world, The Global Fund for Women.More important, she offers a compelling challenge to mainstream organizational and management theory and provides the reader with a concrete example of how to structure and operate an organization ‘the way [she] wanted the world to be: friendly, modest, diverse, honest, respectful, loving, fair, efficient, and effective.’ ”
— Christopher Harris, senior program officer, governance and civil society, the Ford Foundation


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