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Agathe Pernoud

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, Stanford University

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Hi, and welcome to my website! I am a Ph.D. student in the Economics department at Stanford University. I work on microeconomic theory, especially mechanism design and information economics, as well as financial networks.

You can reach me at agathep[at]stanford[dot]edu.


working papers

Informationally Simple Incentives with Simon Gleyze.
[abstract] [draft] [SSRN]

(new draft) Credit Freezes, Equilibrium Multiplicity and Optimal Bailouts in Financial Networks with Matthew Jackson.
[abstract] [SSRN] [arXiv]

Investment Incentives and Regulation in Financial Networks with Matthew Jackson.
[abstract] [SSRN]

work in progress

Culture, Norms, and Systemic Corruption with Daron Acemoglu and Matthew Jackson.

surveys and expository writing

Systemic Risk in Financial Networks: A Survey with Matthew Jackson.
Annual Review of Economics, Vol. 13:171-202, 2021.
[abstract] [SSRN] [arXiv]

Pronounce My Name

If you are wondering how to pronounce my name, know that you are not the first one and won't be the last either.

An easy way is to go for the English (old-fashioned) version of my name, Agatha—it gives me an early-XXth-century upper-class air, but I will happily answer to that.

If you want to go for the French pronunciation, this might help:

/agat/   or   ag[riculture] + at