Akio Kawasaki

I am a William M. and Jane D. Fairbank Postdoctoral Fellow belonging to the W. W. Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory and the Department of Physics at Stanford University. I am working on a measurement of short distance gravity performed by an optically levitated sphere and a nano fabricated cantilever in Prof. Giorgio Gratta's group.

I received Ph.D. degree at Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I worked on a spin squeezed ytterbium atomic clock at Prof. Vladan Vuletic's group in Center for Ultracold Atoms. My thesis is located here.

My research interest lies in exploring fundamental physics with AMO techniques, such as spectroscopy of atoms involving anti-particles, gravitation wave detection by atomic interferometry, and measurement of g-2 for particles, parity non-conservation in nuclei and electron EDM. If I use a term that is generally used, precision measurement describes my interest the best. Constraints on Yukawa potential term as a deviation from the Newtonian gravity can search for axions and other kind of force mediating bosons. Atomic clock is expected to test the time variance of fundamental constants like fine structure constant. Also, I have some theoretical contribution to hydrogen trapping that can be applied to test the matter-antimatter symmetry.

Contact Information
 382 Via Pueblo Mall, Rm. 136
 Stanford University
 Stanford, California 94305
 E-mail address: akiok@stanford.edu
 Tel: +1-650-725-2342

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