Akshay Agrawal

A picture of Akshay. 

Master's Student
Optimization Group, ISL
Dept. of Computer Science
Stanford University

Email: akshayka at cs (dot) stanford (dot) edu


I am a Master's student in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence at Stanford University, where I work with Professor Stephen Boyd and am advised by Professor Mehran Sahami. My research interests include accelerating first-order methods for convex optimization and encoding optimization problems via domain-specific languages.

I graduated with a B.S. in computer science from Stanford in 2016, with a concentration in software systems, and a minor in mathematics. During my undergraduate career, I collaborated with Andreas Paepcke to compile a dataset of online educational discussion forum posts, labeled with pedagogical information; we published our dataset and a machine learning intervention pipeline in the 2015 International Educational Data Mining Conference. I also served as a writer, news desk editor, and investigative news editor at The Stanford Daily.

I've spent four summers as an intern at Google, sampling a different technical infrastructure team each year. In the fall of 2017, I will take a break from academia to join the TensorFlow team as a full-time employee.