Santa Fe Summer Workshop

Implications of Neutrino Flavor Oscillations


July 13 - 17, 2015

Schedule of talks

Registration information (CLOSED!)

Directions to La Fonda Hotel

The schedule has been updated, following a number of last-minute requests. See it here. Let us know about any scheduling conflicts. Also, we are still missing a few titles.

Breakfast will be served in the talk room starting at 8:00 am. The talks start at 9:30 am

The registration is now CLOSED. The talk schedule is full and the final rooming list has been given to the hotel. In view of this, no new applications can be accepted.

Please see the preliminary talk schedule here. Please email your title and abstract, as well as any scheduling requests, to

General INFOrmation

This is the sixth in the series of the biannual INFO workshops organized by the High Energy Physics Theory effort at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (see the webpages for INFO05, INFO07, INFO09, INFO11, and INFO13, including schedules and talks in PDF). As before, the primary focus is the physics and astrophysics of neutrinos and other weakly interacting, hard-to-detect things, such as dark matter and axions. There will be talks on both theory and experiment, with an emphasis on astrophysics and cosmology in the latter part of the week.

The format is unchanged from the previous meetings. This will be a small (25-30 external participants), informal workshop. The talks will be up to an hour in length and every effort will be made to promote the atmosphere of discussion and collaboration. This should be a great opportunity for students and postdocs to learn about neutrinos.

New for this year is a two-step application process, which now follows the Aspen/KITP model. Prospective participants are now asked to apply, by following the instructions below. The deadline for applications is May 20. Upon acceptance to the workshop, participants will be asked to register (by June 5) and pay a $100 registration fee. The change is made in the interests of fairness, to make sure as many interested people as possible can attend, the LANL resources are allocated most efficiently, and abuses of the old loose registration rules are minimized.

The registration is now CLOSED. The talk schedule is full and the final rooming list has been given to the hotel. Because the workshop is presently oversubscribed, no new applications can be accepted.

Some of the topics to be covered

Instructions for prospective speakers

At this point, all talks are anticipated to be up to one hour long, unless a shorter time slot is requested by a speaker. We found this format to be superior to a typical 15-20 minute per talk allocation, which is common in most large conferences these days. More time leads to less stress, more discussion, and more information conveyed.

We encourage participants to stay for the entire week. However, if you must limit your stay here, keep in mind that, generally, experimental talks are concentrated in the beginning of the week, and astrophysics and cosmology are covered toward the end.

Finally, we will collect the PDF files of all talks, for posting on this web site more or less in real time. Experience from the past years shows that this promotes better understanding and discussions and is particularly useful for students and postdocs learning the subject. On the flip side, this may include work in preparation. We encourage all speakers to carefully think through the material they would like to present. The general guideline is, "If you don't want people to know about it yet, don't present it."


Administrative Contact (behind-the-scenes genius who makes things happen)


The workshop will be held at the La Fonda hotel, located on the historic Plaza in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hotel rooms will be reserved for all external participants for the duration of the workshop (unless requested otherwise). Please do NOT make your own reservations with the hotel.

Financial Support

The workshop is sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The support includes accommodations at the hotel for up to 6 nights (check-in on July 12 and check-out on July 18) and meals (breakfast and lunch) for all admitted external participants. Once again, please do not call the hotel to make your own reservations, everything is handled through LANL.

External participants are asked to pay a registration fee of $100. The fee is waived for all participants not desiring hotel accommodations (this group naturally includes LANL locals).


To apply for the workshop, please send an email to Include your name, institution, contact information (phone, email), dates on which you would like to attend, and whether you would like to give a talk. Please include "INFO15" on your subject line. LANL has a fairly aggressive and unpredictable spam filter. If you don't hear back from us within ~ a few days, please let us know.

To register for the workshop and pay the fee, please follow this link: Deadline for fee payment is June 10, 2015. The registration is now CLOSED.

All local LANL participants: please also register at the same website. Follow the option for not staying at the hotel and you will not be charged a fee. If you also would like to present a talk, please email your proposed title and a short abstract to

Getting there 

To get to Santa Fe, usually the cheapest option is to fly into Albuquerque (ABQ) and take a shuttle  – or drive – to Santa Fe. The distance is approximately 60 miles and usually takes around one to one and a half hours. ABQ is served by many airlines. Southwest Airlines seems to have the largest presence and offers nonstop service from most major metropolitan areas within the Western US (San Diego, L.A. [LAX], the Bay Area [OAK], Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Tuscon, Salt Lake City, Denver, etc), as well as places like Chicago (MDW) and Baltimore (BWI). Keep in mind that their flights are not listed on Travelocity and other similar websites, you need to go to

If you do not plan to have a car, Sandia Shuttle is available at the Albuquerque Sunport to take you to La Fonda. The trip takes around one and a half hours. The fare is $28 each way or $48 round trip per person. They accept reservations by phone at (888)775-5696 or online.

If you do rent a car, you may want to take a look at the convenient directions on the hotel web site. Here is a map courtesy of Google Maps. Driving directions from ABQ are here.

Sometimes it is possible to find good flights directly into Santa Fe (SAF). American Airlines has daily flights to SAF from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and from Los Angeles (LAX). United provides service to SAF from Denver (DEN). Please see the airport website for more information.


The meeting is sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Please contact the organizers if you have any additional questions.
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