Hello, I am a medical student, data scientist, and postdoctoral fellow at Stanford's Medical School, working with Prof. Ron Davis in Biochemistry and Genetics; Atul Butte, Division Chief of Pediatric Systems Medicine; and Purvesh Khatri, a computational immunologist. My primary interest is in the development of computational tools and techniques to translate genomic science and data science into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes, as well as using datamining and informatics to deepen our understanding of the molecular physiology and pathophysiology of disease.

Current Research Interests/Projects:

  • Development of methods/tools for clinically relevant interpretation of whole genomes/exomes (personalized, genomic medicine)
  • The genetic and molecular pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disease
  • Techniques of multiplex meta-analysis of highly parallel molecular assays, such as gene expression experiments (microarray, RNA-seq) or whole genome sequencing
  • Development and application of techniques for identifying rare genomics variants that cause disease
  • Investigating the interaction of immune system with nervous system
  • Gene expression changes and genetic variations involved in aging and cancer
  • Pre-conception and/or pre-implantation genomic screening
  • The genomics and molecular biology of asthma and allergy
  • The interpretation of genetic variants of unknown significance
  • Mining electronic medical records and molecular data to improve clinical/surgical outcomes
  • Repurposing commodity/consumer electronic devices for improving clinical care in resource poor settings
  • Research synthesis of clinical trial data across trials
  • NLP and text-mining of electronic medical records