My primary interest is in using data science and informatics to deepen our understanding of the (molecular) physiology and pathophysiology of disease, and the development of computational tools to improve wellness and clinical outcomes.

Current Research Interests/Projects:

  • Development of methods/tools for clinically relevant interpretation of whole genomes/exomes (personalized, genomic medicine)
  • The development of tools and techniques in high-throughput, parallelized measures of phenotype and physiology
  • Mining electronic medical records and molecular data to improve clinical/surgical outcomes
  • Datascience applied to perioperative care
  • Applied machine learning, including transfer learning and deep learning
  • Repurposing commodity/consumer electronic devices for improving clinical care in resource poor or remote settings
  • Techniques of multiplex meta-analysis of highly parallel molecular assays, such as gene expression experiments (microarray, RNA-seq) or whole genome sequencing
  • Improving health of patients through home monitoring of physiological and lifestyle measurements in high temporal resolution
  • Data science in ophthalmological testing and diagnosis
  • Development and application of techniques for identifying rare genomics variants that cause disease
  • Investigating the interaction of immune system with the nervous system
  • Computational phenotype development through mobile devices and the internet of things
  • Gene expression changes and genetic variations involved in aging and cancer
  • Pre-conception and/or pre-implantation genomic screening
  • The interpretation of genetic variants of unknown significance
  • NLP and text-mining of electronic medical records and biomedical literature

Because of the importance of translating research developments into actual clinical and scientific practice, I strongly believe in the role of physician-scientist as innovator and inventor. I currently license technology I have developed to: Personalis, Carmenta Bioscience, and DigiSight. I am always interested in opportunities to work with industry and entrepreneurs in healthcare, biomedical research, and data science.