WeightedKAC - Description

This program was developed by J Halpern and AS Whittemore. The program package contains modified versions of asm.tar.gz and ghp-1.2.tar.gz, (and versions of the programs asm, ghp, and xghp for execution under either Solaris or WINDOWS/cygwin) as developed and distributed by Kong and Cox.

WeightedKAC - Background References

A detailed description of the statistical underpinnings of the software can be found in the following articles:

  1. Whittemore AS, Halpern, J. 2003.. Logistic regression of family data from retrospective study designs. Genet Epidemiology. 2003 Nov;25(3):177-89.  
  2. Allele-Sharing Models: LOD Scores and Accurate Linkage tests; Augustine Kong and Nancy J. Cox(1997); Am. J. Hum. Genet. 61:1179-1188.   Full Text
  3. Allegro version 2;Gudbjartsson, Thorvaldsson, Kong, Gunnarsson, Ingolfsdottir (2005); Nature Genetics, 37:1015-1016.

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