Amy J. Pickering, PhD

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tufts University (June 2017)
Research Scientist, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University
Fellow, Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health
Y2E2 Building, 473 Via Ortega, Room 247, Stanford, CA 94305



Education, full CV
Current Research Projects
  • Low-cost water disinfection for urban slums (Lotus Water): Design and evaluation of a low-cost in-line chlorine disinfection system appropriate for disinfecting shared drinking water sources in urban settings. Field testing in Dhaka with icddr,b.
  • WASH Benefits, Kenya and Bangladesh: Randomized controlled trial to assess the efficacy of water, sanitation, hygiene, nutritional, and combined interventions on child health, including rates of diarhea, stunting, environmental enteropathy, and parasite infections. With UC Berkeley, IPA-Kenya, UC Davis, and icddr,b.
  • Environmental contamination and sanitation access, Bangladesh: Field studies to assess association between sanitation services and fecal contamination in the household environment in urban and rural settings. With icddr,b and UC Berkeley.
  • Povu Poa (cool foam): Developing innovative hand washing stations featuring foaming soap dispensers in Kenya
Publications, Google Scholar
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