Math 394 Homepage, Winter 2011-2012

Classics in Analysis

Instructor: András Vasy

Office: 383M

Phone: 723-2226

E-mail: andras "at"

Tentative office hours: MT 11am-12pm, Th1-2pm.

Class location: MWF 2:15-3:30pm, Room 381U. The class will meet twice per week on average; three days are listed to help with scheduling conflicts.

Actual meeting days:

Textbook: Original papers, backed up, as needed, by texts.

Microlocal analysis, at the level of pseudodifferential operators on manifolds without boundary, will be useful, but is not necessary for many of the papers we should be going through (and the students should have sufficient flexibility to present on one of these non-microlocal papers). For a more thorough background on microlocal analysis, please see Richard Melrose's lecture notes and volume 2 of Michael Taylor's PDE book.

This is an advanced graduate PDE class, focusing on topics that PDE courses often do not cover. Some possible topics: Since some background is required for some of these, it is not yet clear how much ground we can cover, but this would be a reasonable indication of the planned scope.

Grading policy: The participants will be expected to present parts of the papers we will study.