Gary Antonick 


Academic Title 

Visiting Scholar, Senior Researcher


Research Interests 

Analogical reasoning, plausible inference, pragmatic schemas, spatial reasoning, cognitive bias, Gestalt reasoning, eastern vs. western cognition. 


Current Research 

Parabola motion envelope with tangent lines. Paper with Tadashi Tokieda, University of Cambridge.


Stanford Courses Taught 

180 Psychology of Mathematics 

Visual Thinking (Seminar) 


International Courses Taught 

Jaipur, India (2015) 

Hong Kong (2015) 

Santiago, Chile (2015) 

Shanghai, China (2015) 

Jaipur, India (2016) 

Santiago, Chile (2016) 

Shanghai, China (2016 July) 

Shanghai, China (2016 November) 

Taipei, Taiwan (2016) 

Beijing, China (2016) 

Bogotá, Colombia (2017) 



BS Engineering, University of Michigan 

MBA, Harvard Business School 


Original Integer Sequences 

A227050, A051732, A247653, A247654, A240567 


Hobbies and Interests 

New York Times columnist: over 250 weekly posts on mathematics and problem-solving including 

The Improbable Life of Paul Erdős 

Pi Day of the Century 

Google Artificial Intelligence Beats Expert at Go Game