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Alyssa J. O'Brien, Ph.D.
Stanford University

Mailing Address: Stanford University
Program in Writing and Rhetoric
Sweet Hall, 3rd Floor
Stanford, CA 94305-3069

Tel. (650) 723-3802

Stanford University Courses

Program in Writing and Rhetoric

PWR 1 (1st year course focused on rhetorical analysis and substantial research writing)

Program in Writing and Rhetoric

PWR 2 (2nd year course focused on oral presentations, advanced research, and writing for public audiences)

Public Policy Program

  • Writing & Rhetoric for Public Policy Audiences (Graduate Course: PP306)

Continuing Studies Program

CSP: (courses taught in person) 

OWS: Online Writer’s Studio (online courses)

  • In-person Classes: Communicating with Creativity: Strategies for Effective Writing and Speaking (finding your voice, learning style and strategy, presenting with confidence)
  • Online Writer’s Studio: “Getting Started in Creative Writing”

Stanford Sierra Camp “Write Retreat”

Fallen Leaf Lake, Tahoe

  • Your Voice, Your Vision (for Stanford Alumni)
  • Image and Imagination
  • Surface to Depth


Stanford Summer Program: Educational Program for Gifted Youth

  • Expository Writing: "Writing your Best" (for High School students)

International Courses

Sookmyung Women’s University, South Korea

·         Cross-Cultural Rhetoric: Advertising across the World

Cornell University Courses

Center for the Study of the Humanities

Department of English
John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines

University of Rochester Courses

Eastman School of Music

Department of English, Creative Writing Program

Deparment of English, First-Year Writing Program

  • English 103: Introduction to College Writing: "Writing and Thinking"
  • English 104: Introduction to Literature: "Fictions and Realities" 
  • English 108: Introduction to Literature: "Narrative Literature in Film, Poetry, and Fiction"

William E. Simon Graduate School of Business

  • Business Writing 401: "Business Writing," Teaching Assistant and Tutor


Additional Teaching Experience

See c.v. section on Workshops




"Teaching people to harness the power of language for positive change drives my commitment to the classroom and informs all my scholarly and creative pursuits."

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