Directions to Ashish Goel's office.

My office is in Huang Engineering Center, room 359. My cell phone number is 650 eight-one-four 1478.

Read this first: construction update

There is construction going on which makes the garage and the Huang Engineering Center accessible only if you use Panama street to get to the corner of via Ortega and Panama, and not if you use via Ortega to get to the same corner.

Inside Huang

Once you get into Huang, take the elevator to the third floor (the elevator is located in the octagonal annex), come to the third floor, take a left out of the elevator, go through the small lobby and the door next to it, and take a right when you hit a dead-end. My office is the last one on the left. After hours, you will have to call me once you get to Huang since the building is locked.

Location of Huang

Huang Engineering Center is the building just east of Y2E2. Both are marked on this map. Y2E2 is in the red since it is just off the street and will help you get your bearings. Coupa Cafe, a likely meeting place, is in Y2E2.


If you look at the map, you will see Parking Structure 2 at the north west corner of Via Ortega and Panama. This has visitor pay parking spaces, and you can pay using a credit card even if you park at a meter.

Directions to the parking garage

Plot directions to Via Ortega and Panama, Stanford CA 94305.

From Palo Alto Caltrain

Take Marguerite shuttle B clockwise or counter-clockwise and ask the driver to let you off at Via Ortega and Panama.