A dear friend and beloved colleague, Rajeev Motwani, passed away tragically in the prime of his life and at the height of his career. This painting, by my wife Ruchi, is to honor his memory. The original painting is 24" X 36" and hangs in Rajeev's old study.




We will make a limited number of 12" X 18" or 16 X 24 prints on stretched canvas available to Rajeev's collaborators and students (at reproduction cost, and upon request). Let me know if you would like more details. Feel free to make your own prints using this high resolution image, but we request that you make them no larger than 8" X 12", and if you display a print, please also display the description above. The source file for the description, suitable for scaling down and printing on a 4"X6" cardstock is available in both docx and pdf formats.