Anja von der Linden


I am an astrophysicist, which is a wonderful job: I get to look at the stars and figure out how the Universe works! My research focuses on many aspects of galaxy clusters. Currently I am leading the Weighing the Giants project to use weak gravitational lensing to determine the masses of about 50 of the most X-ray luminous clusters known, in order to calibrate clusters as cosmological probes. I am also interested in the properties of cluster galaxies, in particular Brightest Cluster Galaxies, and their evolution.

I am honored to have been selected as a Sophie and Tycho Brahe fellow, named after the first truly observational cosmologists. I hold a joint appointment at the DARK Cosmology Centre in Copenhagen and the Kavli Institute of Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), Stanford, where I am part of the X-ray Astronomy and Observational Cosmology (XOC) group.

Physics and Astrophysics Building, office 210


452 Lomita Mall

Stanford, CA 94305-4085

++ 1 650 736 7884

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Dr. Anja von der Linden

KIPAC / Stanford