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Using SAS on a Windows Machine

Below are notes covering how to set-up R and its related software on a Windows machine.

         Checking what version of Windows you are running

         Showing file extensions

         Configuring Office 2007/2010 to show file paths

         Buy SAS 9.3 and install the correct version

The PowerPoint 2007/2010 slides showing how to installing SAS and related stuff to make it easier to work with on a Windows PC can be found here.


Using SAS with REDCap:An Introduction to Secure Data Collection and Analysis for Busy Non-programmers

REDCap is a user-friendly online database tool that researchers can use to collect, store and describe data including Protected Health Information.†† REDCap 4.3.x allows researchers to load data from the Stanfordís Electronic Medical Record (EPIC or Cerner with help from IRT), enter data directly into the system by hand, or allow patients to enter data with web enabled devices like laptops, desktop or tablet computers like IPADs.While REDCap is an excellent tool to collect and store data its analysis tools are primitive.SAS or SAS Enterprise Guide can read data out of REDCap and then calculates statistics and generate publication quality graphics.This class introduces people, without a programming background, to REDCap and SAS.This is both a lecture and hands on lab so students should ideally have a laptop.

Students should complete the instructions listed at the top of this page for installing SAS on a Windows Machine before taking this class.††

After completing the class attendees will know how to:

         access REDCap from on or off campus

         create an online survey for subject recruitment

         create a database to hold data from a research study

         do basic summary statistics in REDCap

         load REDCap data into SAS Enterprise Guide

         use SAS Enterprise Guide with a point-and-click interface to do basic statistics on data originating in REDCap

The PowerPoint 2007/2010 slides for Using SAS for Statistical Graphics can be found here. (Updated 2011-08-29)

The first data dictionary can be found here

The edited data dictionary can be found here

The long form data dictionary can be found here.