If you are using sendmail with LDAP, you should really start with Sendmail.8.12.

You'll save yourself alot of trouble in the long run. You can get it at Sendmail.org

I have removed the document that was here because I think it was confusing people more than it helped. Sendmail.8.12 has enough ldap support now that the document is largely useless. You should really start with the source documentation for sendmail.8.12. Look in the file cf/README for the sections


For a more general overview of how to use ldap and sendmail I suggest you check out the Sendmail and LDAP HOWTO. It's a much more complete document that this one ever was. Also, you can check this search on Google for lot's of interesting stuff.

If you're really convinced that reading what was here could help you I suggest looking at the wayback machine. Don't expect me to answer any questions about it though.

Last modified: 5/04/2004