Assignment 2 Process

This Project took some time, and a risky hypothesis, but in the end, after many hours sound editing and finding patterns, it came together... in a certain sense.

The name of the piece is "Connections" for a couple of subliminal reasons. Thanks to a nagging reminder I set for my phone to pester me with every 30 minutes, I managed to capture random moments of my life with my iPhone 4svoice recorder. There was no rhyme or reason to what or when I chose to record. Random conversations were caught on tape, classes were documented, and even music was highlighted as a huge part of my life for the past week during this time of intermitent self-eavesdropping. My hypothesis was that everything connected. In other words, no matter what I recorded, I would be able to go through my sound files and be able to find a patter of words I could link together, and in this case, I was able to piece together an agglomeration of scenes from my life in which the last word of every clip matched the first word of the following clip.

While it is by no means perfect, it is a testimony to the beauty in the randomness. These random now represent a harmonic relationship that was the last week of my life, and listening to it allows me to reflect and think about my life for a couple of minutes during this incredibly hectic time.

Signing off,