Assignment 3 - Process

By Jeff Bennett '17

This project was very different from all of the others. First off, as a disclaimer, I stayed away from Flash Player. I did not have the best of luck on that program last time I used it, and was ultimately unhappy with the final result, so I decided to go for a more aesthetically pleasing result and use the movie making program: iMovie.

For this project, I spent more time brainstorming about the theme of my visual project than I did on any other part of it. I spent hours looking through stock footage of many different websites, including Videezy, Prelinger, Vimeo, and even Youtube, which gave insight into myfinal video.

The song I used was called, "To Build a Home", performed by the Cinematic Orchestra, and has been one of my favorite songs for the past year. It is hauntingly beautiful and never fails to evoke my emotions. It is for this reason that it became my song of choice. It was my first real attempt at tinkering the idea of sound editing as well, as I cut down the 6 minute song to just over a minute. I'm pretty proud of this first attempt, save one part, but it was fun paying attention to that much deatil in the sound. This was a great change of pace from last week's project, because I felt like I could really apply the sound to something tangible.

It is for that reason that I believe, more so than any of the other projects we have done so far, that music is the MOST important element in Intermedia. Music by itself can evoke more emotions than any other type of media in my opinion, and when conmbined with images that have personal meaning, the idea of Sounds and Images is incredibly powerful.

In regards to the actual Visual Poem, the theme lies along the lines of fallibility of mankind. Some of the metaphors I use are obvious, but my intention for this project was to simply to evoke emotions from the audience and make them ask questions, just like it did for me. Are we embellishing this planet? How are we affecting it ultimately? Are we too caught up in our human lives to understand the greater picture? when it comes to America specifically, how are we not exemplifying a sense of role model? This place is our home... And most of the time, we don't treat it as so.