Photo by S. Kunde
To the Reader
(after Ben Jonson, 1623)

This Photo, in its setting trapp'd,
   It was of Brian duly snapp'd:
Sore preft its Taker was to ply
   Her Thumb, before the grin could fly:
O,could she but haue caught his mood
   As well on film, as she imbued
His face ; the Print might then haue soul,
   And not looke quite so flat and dull.
But, fince such grace it can not learn
   Read on, and Grant the Text a turn.

B. K.
* * * * *

To the Reader (B-0187 [B-105])
(Photographic Verses: 2.2)

from A Dancing Floor for Butterflies : poems, 1st ed., Dec. 1999.

1st web edition posted 7/13/1999
(updated 7/14/1999).
2nd web edition posted 2/3/2000
(updated 3/21/2000).

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© 1999-2000 by Brian Kunde.