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This section provides links to other Spilt and Spilled Inks, as well as reciprocating the courtesy of sites that link to our pages and pointing the way to some good readin’ from members and friends.

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The other Spilled and Spilt Inks:

Spilled Ink: 
a creative thought journal.
A "creative thought journal of poetry, short,
fiction and art," begun in print in 1992 and
moved to the net in 1995. Site now defunct.
Spilled Ink: 
electronic literary ’zine.
An electronic literary journal published from the
University of Texas at Austin. Site now defunct; its
archive, long maintained separately, now defunct also.
spilt ink: 
writing for interest.
A writing group project of Romuald Marshall, for
which by chance or design he adopted our name.
Site now defunct.
Ink Publishing: an organization for the creatively insane.
A somewhat incoherant joint venture of writer
a.j.duric and comic artist Salgood Sam. Rather
interesting, though.

Other Web Sites of Interest:

Ultimate Draft Writers’ Consortium.

UDWC also provides links to other writers’ groups in addition to ours.


An e-publication by Tasha Jones featuring poetry,
fiction, essays and art. No longer active; its archive
long continued available, but has since been deleted.

A continuation of Calliope, EvenStar.net was a site
for art, literature, music, entertainment, and more;
site still exists, but no longer has content.

Good Readin’:

One: Connecting with a Grandmother’s Life, a novel by Esther Gerstenfeld Erman.
The first novel of member Esther Erman, a
family saga of prewar Poland, postwar America,
and the Holocaust. A moving portrait of loss and
renewal. This is its official website, from which
you can sample the text and order the book.
TV Bride, by 
Meg Ballamy.
Can real romance bloom in that least romantic of
settings, the TV "reality" show? Well, in the
hands of a romance writer... Another by Esther
Erman, writing as Meg Bellamy (reissued as by
Mardi Ballou). Again, sample or order here.
Books, Frontier Librarian (R.T. Carr, Editor).
A novelette of wild and wooly adventure set in the
Old West, including a fast mystery, an unexpected
windfall, and a hasty midnight exit, by R.T. Carr,
a colleague in the Stanford University Libraries.
And you can read it all right on the site!
The Seal 
Man (R.T. Carr, Editor).
A semi-sequel to Dusty Books, the one’s a
fictionalized account of an actual if obscure
eccentric from old San Francisco. And when so
little is truly known, the imagination can go hog-
wild... Another e-novelette from R.T. Carr.
Pro Tempore, and Other Stories, by Mary Tappan Wright
A collection of six short stories from the 1890s
and 1900s by Mary Tappan Wright, a neglected
master story-teller. Complete and unabridged
on-site, courtesty of Fleabonnet Press.
Dead Letters, and Other Pieces, by Mary Tappan Wright.
A collection of four more short stories and one
review by Mary Tappan Wright, together with the
only known short story by her son, Austin Tappan
Wright, again courtesy of Fleabonnet Press.
Beginning Alone, and Other Stories, by Mary Tappan Wright.
A collection of six more short stories from the
1890s by Mary Tappan Wright, returning most of
her previously uncollected early fiction to
print, once more (yes!) from Fleabonnet Press.
A Truce, and Other Stories, by Mary Tappan Wright.
A new edition of Mary Tappan Wright's earliest
book, a collection of short stories originally
published in 1895. And did we mention that it
too comes to you through Fleabonnet Press?

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