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Volume 5, Number 01

January 5, 1996


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Eliska Ryznar, Head of the Law Library's Catalog Department, will retire in early January after more than 20 years of service. During her tenure, the department developed from a manual environment to an on-line one. Under her direction, the department undertook a number of significant projects, including the classification of the collection into the Merryman/Long classification scheme, retrospective conversion, and bar-coding.

Since 1975, the Law Library's collection has grown from some 230,000 volumes to its present size of 375,000 volumes. Ms. Ryznar's considerable legal and linguistic abilities played an important role in the development of the library's international and comparative law collections.

In addition to her work in the Catalog Department, Ms. Ryznar is the author of several bibliographies, a specialist translator, a professional indexer, and has contributed entries on the Czech and Slovak Republics to the 1994 Encyclopedia Americana.

During her career at Stanford, Ms. Ryznar made a significant contribution to the Law School and to the research achievements of its faculty. Her departure is a great loss to both the library and the school.

--Regina Wallen, Law Library

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Almost twenty-six years ago, in March 1970, the Stanford career of Karyl Gilland-Tonge began. Karyl was hired by Jack Plotkin and Bernie Denham as a part-time Library Technical Assistant in the map collection which at that time was a part of the Reference Department. Within a year, her position became full-time. The map collection was then housed on the 2nd floor of the west wing in Green Library.

In 1983 Karyl's position was reduced to 50% time. The map collection was put under the direction of Special Collections and Karyl reported to Mark Dimunation and Michael Ryan. In 1985, Karyl began to work an additional 50% in a term position with the Catalog Department, working with Special Collection material. This term position lasted until 1987. In 1989 Karyl worked again for the Catalog Department as part of the Search and Distribution unit. During this time she also did some online cataloging in Branner Library, putting the map collection into Socrates. After the 1989 earthquake, the maps and Karyl's position with Special Collections were transferred to Branner Earth Sciences Library where Karyl reported to Charlotte Derksen and J.K. Herro. J.K. writes this about Karyl:

    "Karyl was greatly appreciated by Branner Library staff for
    managing the Earth Sciences map collection.  When Stanford
    Libraries' two map collections were combined in Branner
    Library after the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Karyl assisted in
    the move planning and accompanied the 90,000 piece Central Map

    During her five years at Branner Library, Karyl's capable
    and rapid cataloging brought thousands of records into the
    Maps File for users of Socrates, many of them being converted
    original records she herself had created years before.

    Karyl routinely provided map reference for Branner Library's
    patrons, besides her cataloging and technical services.  She
    has performed as our SUL Map Collection institutional memory
    for so long that she is truly irreplaceable."

Karyl left her 50% position with Search & Distribution and went to work for Monograph Receiving in the Acquisitions Department, reporting to Sharon Propas and then to Peter Kim. She has continued to split her time between Branner Library and Monograph Receiving until September of 1995. At that time, Karyl went to full time in Mono Receiving when Jean Kan was hired to manage the map collection in Branner Library.

Those of us in Serials & Acquisitions, and I'm sure countless others who have had the opportunity to work with Karyl, will miss not only her technical abilities, but also her friendship and her great patience (witnessed by those of us who Karyl attempted to teach belly dancing to during our lunch hours in the basement under Jonsson Library in Green.

Karyl's plans for retirement consist of picking up the threads of her hobbies and loves. These include music (she plays the piano and folk harp), dance (resume belly dancing classes), and gardening (both flower and vegetable). Karyl, along with her husband Jean-Claude, aka J.C., will now have the freedom to travel around the country and visit their children. Have a great time, Karyl!

--JoAnne Klock, Serials & Acquisitions

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To make space for incoming PUB96 materials, Green Stack PUB94 materials moved to SAL during the first week of January.

--Joan Krasner, Access Services

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Recent scientific studies (published by HighWire Press) indicate that staff who attend LASU functions are more productive, better adjusted, and have lower cholesterol levels. LASU is pleased to provide you with many opportunities for lowering your cholesterol this winter as we present a Brown Bag Series on Collections. This series will feature curators from SUL and Hoover talking about their collections acquisitions of the past several years. Tony Angiletta, Assistant University Librarian for Collections at SUL, will kick-off the series with his talk "To be a Collection Developer in the Electronic Age: Anachronism, Anomaly or Ambidexter?".

All talks will be at noon, on Wednesdays, and with the exception of Tony Angiletta's talk, all will be held in the Ida Green Room of the Green Library.

Mark your calendars now for the following dates; details on the presentations will be forthcoming in future News Notes.

Jan 17   Tony Angiletta, Assistant University Librarian for
            Collections, SUL
         (Ida Green Conference Room, Green Library)

Jan 31   Katherine Martinez, Curator for American & British
            History, SUL
         Wojciech Zalewski, Curator for Slavic & East
            European Collections, SUL

Feb 21   Roger Kohn, Reinhard Family Curator of Judaica and
            Hebraica Collections, SUL
         Bill Ratliff, Senior Research Fellow & Curator of the
            American, International & Peace Collections, Hoover

Mar 13   Bill McPheron, Curator for British and American
            Literature, SUL
         Maggie Kimball, Head of Special Collections and
            University Archivist, SUL

Apr 4    Mary Jane Parrine, Curator for the Romance Languages, SUL
         Ramon Myers, Curator for the East Asian Collections, Hoover

Apr 25   Roberto Trujillo, Curator for Latin American, Mexican
            America, and Iberian Collections, SUL
         Maciej Siekierski, Curator for European Collections, Hoover

May 15   Henry Lowood, Curator for Germanic Collections,
            Bibliographer for History of Science & Technology, SUL
         Robin Rider, Frances and Charles Field Curator of
            Special Collections, SUL

--Jennie Nicolayev, LASU Program Committee

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Mimi Tashiro, Music Bibliographer for SUL, has been elected as a Member-at-Large of the Music Library Association Board of Directors.

--Roberto Trujillo, HASRG

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"New in the Book Arts" (Green Library Lobby, November 17, 1995 - January 16, 1996).

"Vladimirov's Russia" Watercolors (Exhibit Pavilion next to Hoover Tower, November 8, 1995 - March 1, 1996).

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Chipmunks on the doorstep / Edwin Tunis. -- New York, Crowell [1971]
AFH7677 / PZ10.T84C5 1971 / Special Collections - Rare Books.

Field Mouse goes to war = Tusan homichi tuwuota / Edward A. Kennard; Hopi text by Albert Yava. -- [Washington] : Education Division, U.S. Indian Service, [1944]
APT5916 / E99.H7K44 1944 / Special Collections - Rare Books.

John Churton Collins : the louse on the locks of literature / Anthony Kearney. -- Edinburgh : Scottish Academic Press, 1986.
AHN7304 / PR29.C57K43 1986 / Green Library - Stacks.

The kitten pilgrims, or, Great battles & grand victories / R.M. Ballantyne. -- London : J. Nisbet, [188-?]
AFD5437 / PZ10.3.B2117K5 1880z / Special Collections - Rare Books.

The vermin-killer : being a very necessary family-book, containing exact rules and directions for the artificial-killing and destorying of all manner of vermin, &c. : rats and mice, moles, pismires, flyes, fleas & lice, adders, snakes, weasles, catterpillars, buggs, froggs, &c. : whereunto is added the art of taking of all sorts of fish and foul, with many other observations never before extant / W.W. -- London : Printed for Samuel Lee ..., 1680.
AKM8484 / MFILM 015 4 903:16 / Green Library - Current Periodicals/Microtext.

--Submitted by Brian Kunde, Serials & Electronic Resources

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