Ella Harsin Retirement
Dedication Song

by R.T. Carr III

The following was sung by R.T. Carr III to commemorate the retirement of Ella Harsin, after 26 years of library service. Just wanted to share this with her many friends who may not have heard it — the party was a ROARING success, with about three different batches of folks showing up!

(To the tune of New York, New York)

Start spreading the news...Ella’s leaving today
Shes gonna be a part of it...Re-tirement!
She’s paid all her dues...She’s outta here today!
She’ll make a grand new start of it...Re-tirement!

She’s gonna wake up...and then go back to sleep
She’ll find she has Discounts Galore

She’ll put on her track shoes, On vacation she’ll stay
and with that Monthly check...Its Re-Tire-ment!

Ya know she’s quite a GOIL,
There’s grandchildren to spoil
It’s all for her...Re-tire-ment...
(Musical interlude)
She’s gonna wake up...toss the alarm out the door
She’ll find she has time to relax, discounts galore,
Senior Bus Pass, and so much more!

Her work-a-day blues...are melting away!
She’s now a part of it...Re-tirement!
and with that monthly check, she’s carefree
and What the heck! (Ella we’ll miss you)
It’s all for you...
Retirement! (Hold note until you fall down)

Many happy returns!

* * * * *

Ella Harsin Retirement Dedication Song

Originally published in
SUL News Notes, Vol. 5, no. 2, Jan. 12, 1996.

1st web edition posted 7/29/2008.
This page last updated 7/29/2008.

Published by Fleabonnet Press.
© 1996-2008 by R.T. Carr III.