November 12 Workshop

‘The Development of Syntactic Alternations’

hosted by the Spoken Syntax Lab

Friday, 12 November 2010 in Cordura 100, CSLI

8:45 [coffee & bagels]  
9:15–10 Florian Jaeger ‘Utility’ and ’Grammar’: What alternations
    can tell us about the link between them
10–10:15 [break]  
10:15–11 Victor Kuperman The time-course of speech production
    for the dative alternation
11–11:15 [break]  
11:15–12 Daphne Theijssen Making choices: Methodological issues
    in corpus studies of syntactic alternations
12-2 [lunch]  
2–2:45 Petra Hendriks Partial word order freezing in Dutch
2:45–3 [break]  
3–3:45 Benedikt Szmrecsányi &  
A multivariate history of dative and
  Christoph Wolk genitive variability, 1650–2000
3:45–4 [coffee]  
4–4:45 Jason Grafmiller & Weighing in on end weight
  Stephanie Shih  


This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.