TriBaby's '95 Photo Gallery

I suppose this amounts to an exercise in self-absorption. But I didn't think of it that way at the time I put this page up, honest. I was just thinking about how much I loved racing, and how great it was to have these photos to remember the races by! So ignore the SUBJECT of the photos, and try to take in the overall race ambience. :)

You can find blow-by-blow descriptions of all these races on my Triptychs page.

San Jose International Triathlon
This is a nice shot of yours truly haulin' her cookies outta the transition area at the start of the bike. It's already 90 degrees, and the day would only get hotter. The picture to the right here is also from the San Jose International Tri. -->

Danskin San Jose
The rumble of hooves--- a Clydesdale approaches!

The Escape from Alcatraz: Here's a shot of the swim finish line. If you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see The Rock out there in the Bay. The larger mass of land behind it at the top/center of this photo is Angel Island. Here's a shot of me emerging from the swim. I've got a dopey smile plastered on my face 'cause I didn't expect to see my brother standing in the crowd at the swim finish, camera in hand; I broke into this silly grin out of sheer surprise and joy.

The Escape from Alcatraz: The Bike
Though not terribly long at just 18 miles, the bike at Alcatraz is nevertheless tough. Here I am climbing the hill just above the Cliff House on my way back to the Presidio. I only have about 4 or 5 more miles to go, and already I've survived a flat tire caused by one of the many tacks some solid citizen strewed along the course by way of a warm welcome.

Wanna see what the Alcatraz sand ladder looks like?
Here it is, in all its sadistic glory. I wish this picture could truly convey the brutality of this feat of engineering. Here, try this angle and see if you find it more impressive looking UP...

The Escape from Alcatraz: The Finish!
Have you ever seen such a look of profound relief? I suppose I could let you all think that the time displayed was my actual time, but alas: Add two hours and you've got it right.

Tricia, the Human Burrito
Wrapped in my cozy little space blanket at the end of the Escape from Alcatraz.

Great North Triathlon, Davis
Dying of heat prostration, and that finish line was lookin' REAL good!

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove: Starting the Bike
This race was such a blast, and I cleaned up on the bike course, coming into T2 in 8th or 9th place overall. I think I was something like 30th out of the water.

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove: Another Bike Shot
Approaching the turnaround at the finish area with my buddy Jim.

The Bass Lake Classic Triathlon: Gimme Shelter! It was hot. REAL hot. I was tired. REAL tired. And dehydrated. And that damned parking lot had NO shade. But there was no way I was leaving that award ceremony until I got my award. So I did what any self-respecting tri-geek would do: made do with what was available.

MetroSport Triathlon
While I'm fiddling with my helmet, my pal Deb Smith is taking off already right behind me. She is so good!

The Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon: Skippy took this shot of the lot of us waiting to start from halfway out on the Santa Cruz Wharf. You can see most of the Boardwalk behind us, and you can also see how clear and beautiful the weather was. As I swam by the wharf, I hollered "Skippy" and waved wildly, and she succeeded in snapping me. Don't ask me where all the other swimmers were, I have no idea! Skippy caught the look of excruciating pain on my face at the top of the hill we run up immediately upon exiting the Pacific. It's short but not sweet; it's pretty darned steep, and I was in a hurry to make up the time I'd lost fiddling with my goggles throughout the swim.

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