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USAT posted this in July '96 on the newsgroup. Yet another example of underhanded ITU shenanigans.

Subject: MARK SISSON, HE'S BACK and Wearing a Mexican Sombrero
Date: 1996/07/30

Mark Sisson is a citizen of the USA
Mark Sisson is a resident of Los Angeles
Mark Sisson is a member of USA Triathlon (once he was even its Executive Director)
Mark Sisson never lived in Mexico
Mark Sisson was never a Mexican citizen
Mark Sisson now claims he's a member of the Mexican Triathlon Federation and its candidate for ITU Treasurer!

Les McDonald wanted Mark Sisson to stay on as ITU Treasurer for another four years. Under the ITU Constitution, Mark needed his home federation (USA Triathlon) to nominate him. In February of this year he asked USA Triathlon for the nomination. By unanimous vote of its Board of Directors, USA Triathlon turned him down.

Les McDonald wasn't to be deterred so easily. Les had two of his associates on the ITU Executive Board write to Dr. LeRoy Walker, President of the United States Olympic Committee, lamenting USA Triathlon's refusal to nominate Mark. Dr. Walker, to his credit, told ITU to mind its own business.

By some mysterious process, Mark has now resurfaced...wearing a Mexican sombrero! He's spreading the word that he's become a member of the Mexican Triathlon Federation, and has now received their nomination over USA protests to be ITU Treasurer!

Forget that under the ITU Constitution what Mark says he has done is outlawed. That doesn't seem to bother Les McDonald. Forget that Mark is still a USA Triathlon member. And forget that the whole thing is a sham and maybe worse.

Meanwhile, Mark is letting it be known that he's looking to find dirt on the USA Triathlon directors/staff for denying him the nomination in the first place.

If you are outraged as we are at this hokus-pokus, help us do something about it. USA Triathlon has asked the Court of Arbitration for Sport (IOC supported) to rule Mark's nomination invalid. If you have a vote (delegates only to the ITU Congress) at the upcoming ITU elections in Cleveland, use it to bring creditability and honesty back into the sport. If you don't have a vote, let your federation know how you feel about Les McDoanld, Mark Sisson, and this type of behavior.

USA Triathlon refused to nominate Mark Sisson as ITU Treasurer for a lot of good reasons. Now you have seen for yourself just one reason why.

USA Triathlon

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