Micro and Nano Mechanics

Wei Cai                   
Stanford University

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanics & Computation

Ph.D., M.I.T.

Building 520 Room 126,
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Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE) 2004,  NSF Career Award 2006,  AFOSR Young Investigator Award (YIP)  2006, ASEE Beer & Johnston New Mechanics Educator Award 2009, ASME Hughes Young Investigator Award 2013

Research Interests [group page]

Predicting mechanical strength of materials through theory and simulations of defect microstructures across atomic, mesoscopic and continuum scales. Developing new atomistic simulation methods for long time-scale processes, such as crystal growth and self-assembly. Introducing magnetic field in quantum simulations of electronic structure and transport.


Courses and Lecture Notes

ME346A  Statistical Mechanics [Notes]
ME346B  Molecular Simulations [Notes]
ME346C  Adv Molecular Simulations [Notes]
ME340  Elasticity & Inelasticity [Notes]
ME340A  Elasticity [Notes]
ME340B  Micromechanics [Notes]
ME342  Inelasticity [Notes]
Free Energy Methods [Notes]

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Book  Imperfections in Crystalline Solids  

Selected Publications [more] [google] [orcid]

Yifan Wang, Jing Liu, Jian-Zhong Jiang and Wei Cai, "Anomalous temperature dependence of elastic limit in metallic glasses", Nature Communications, 15, 171 (2024). [DOI(new)

Yifan Wang, Wei Cai, "Stress-dependent activation entropy in thermally activated cross-slip of dislocations", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120, e2222039120 (2023). [DOI] [arXiv(new)

Yikai Yin, Nicolas Bertin, Yanming Wang, Zhenan Bao and Wei Cai, "Topological origin of strain induced damage of multi-network elastomers by bond breaking", Extreme Mechanics Letters, in press (2020). [arXiv] [DOI]

Wei Cai, et al. "A non-singular continuum theory of dislocations", J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 54, 561 (2006). [PDF]